Handmade Soap



We have strict quality control that produce only high quality items and produce soaps in standard product-lines, providing both OEM & ODM service.

Our soaps have been produced in large amount that applied in many exclusive hotels which earn lots of appreciative comments and trusts from the clients, also been engaged to produce customized soaps that meet clients’ needs.

*Our soaps are 100% Handmade and are all made in Taiwan!

*Our soaps which have attractive fragrances and effects would provide you brand-new feelings!

Once you have any ideal shape & fragrance, please inform us and we will produce the item especially for you!

We are pleased to offer you items at competitive prices!


Rose Camellia Soap

Cornflower Camellia Soap

Rose Pearl Marseille Soap

Cherry Blossom Fragrance Soap

Orchid Fragrance Soap

Bergamot Mint Essential Oil Soap